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Director: Shawn Welling
Producer: Jana Fant / Renée Redden

Story: Harwood Taylor

Written by: Miriam Esther Goldman, Nathan Carliner Goldman
Starring: Blaze Tucker, Isabella Blake Thomas, Sebastian Somoza, Renée Redden, Bob Boudreaux, Nick Nicholson

Producer: Shawn Welling

Line Producer: Konrad Johnson, Elizabeth Blake Thomas

Camera: Art Giraldo, Michelle Simmons, Duncan Johnson, Shawn Welling

Nine-year-old Harwood isn't like other boys in 1977 Texas. After losing his brother in a tragic car crash, his mother takes up drinking, and Harwood finds comfort in his best friend -- fellow-nine-year-old Billy, the mentally-handicapped girl from down the street. Together, they watch the famous blimp fly overhead, and craft a "blimp trap" to catch it for their very own. They're teased for their special game, and their friendship, until one day, something miraculous happens.


Worldfest Houston - 2016 

Platinum - Best Dramatic/Adaptation

Gold - Best Screenplay

Gold - Rising Star/Best Young Actress

Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival - 2016

Best Docudrama


Isabella Blake Thomas has been nominated for a Young Artist Award for her work on The Blimp Trap.

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