Worldfest 2017 - The Crew - Welling Films

April 21, 2017


Here is a small part of the behind-the-scenes team that made the Welling Films dream a reality in 2016/2017 and beyond. 

Duncan Johnson is a photographer and cinematographer who has brought his seamless vision to Welling Films since 2011's "Project Aether." He continues to bring his artistic sense to Welling Films' shorts and webisodes.




Michelle Simmons is a respected photographer, who, in addition to appearing onscreen in "Kiss Cook Bang Bang," also was camera and drone operator on "If I Could Bark" and "The Last Ride" in 2017. In 2015, she played a large role in the docudrama "Beyond the Yellow Brick Road," which was her Welling Films brainchild.



Shawn Welling is the man behind the movies, co-writing, directing, and co-producing almost all of Welling Films' output. Shawn directed all of the Welling Films productions submitted to Worldfest in 2017 and co-wrote an unproduced script submission, "The Last Astronaut."


Don Miller (awaiting photo) began working with Welling Films on 2017's new films, coming on as executive producer and in onscreen roles in "The Last Ride" and "If I Could Bark." These are his first motion pictures credits.


Miriam Esther Goldman is a writer for Welling Films, best known for writing Welling Films' horror/dance short "Monsterz," which won a Platinum Remi for best-directed short film at Worldfest 2016. Miriam returns in 2017 as a co-writer on "The Last Astronaut." She is also up for Remi awards for independent projects.


Nathan Carliner Goldman (awaiting  photo) is a writer for Welling Films, best known for co-writing Welling Films' 2016 success, "The Blimp Trap." Nathan returns in 2017 as a co-writer on "The Last Astronaut." He is also up for a Remi award for an independent project.


Art Giraldo is a prominent Houston photographer and longtime cinematographer and friend of Welling Films. He is best known for his cinematography work on "The Legend of DarkHorse County."


Jena Willard is a creative photographer who has worked with Welling Films many times over the years. She was an  producer on "The Messenger: 360 Days of Bolivar" in 2009. In 2017, Jena returns as a producer, camera operator and still photographer on "The Last Ride" and "If I Could Bark."


Joy Willard is a member of Welling Films' original creative team. Working on the technical side, she was on the crew of the first Welling Films movie, "The House of Dreams," in 2006. Joy also co-starred in the company's first narrative feature, "Project Aether," after an important acting role in feature documentary "The Messenger: 360 Days of Bolivar."




David P. Butler, AKA King David, is a dancer, actor, and cinematographer. He has done unique visual work for many years for Welling Films. He has also shown off his dancing and acting chops in "Monsterz" and "The Blimp Trap."


Roger Scott Budge is a cinematographer and still photographer who brings his keen eye to many Welling Films projects. He appears onscreen in "Strange Bird," and bears the distinction of having been a member of Welling Films' crew on every feature film made by the company.


Dutch-Christopher Lindeburg is a health and fitness expert who has joined the Welling Films team in recent years as a jack of all trades technical crewman. In addition to an associate producer credit for "Toxin: 700 Days Left on Earth," Dutch notably built the titular onscreen prop from "The Blimp Trap."


 Elizabeth Blake-Thomas is a Los Angeles writer and director, who has lent her expertise to Welling Films productions over the last few years, both on-screen and off, in many capacities. She is a past Remi award winner, and is up for another Remi award this year at Worldfest.


John Sotolongo is an actor and producer for Welling Films. He produced "The Messenger: 360 Days of Bolivar" in addition to working on the camera crew for that film. John returned to Welling Films in 2016, after a four-year hiatus. We are pleased to have him back.

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