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April 4, 2017


Every year, Worldfest, the Houston International Film Festival, is a huge event for Welling Films. 2017 will be no different, and Worldfest is fast approaching.


The 50th annual Worldfest Film Festival will take place from April 21st-30th, 2017.


Our screenings for both Sundays will premier our new feature "Strange Bird," along with the following shorts "If I Could Bark," "The Last Ride," "Kreep," and "The light up my life" The first will take place on April 23, 2017 at 7PM at the AMC (screen 17), with a red carpet event to precede immediately. The second screening will be on April 30, 2017 at the AMC (screen 17), and will close out the festival.


The following is our list of film submissions for 2017.


1) If I Could Bark ( short / religion ethic spiritual / 12min ) *


Full film (for jury only - password required): 


Director: Shawn Welling

Production company: Welling Films

Genre: Drama


Run time: 12 mins


If I Could Bark is a short film companion piece to Welling Films' most popular film, "If I Could Talk." A stately man forms a lasting bond with a dog that he finds salvation in until his very end. If I Could Bark features Don Miller and Shawn Welling. 



"If I Could Bark" poster ^




(2) Strange Bird (feature / science fiction / 120 min)*




Full Film: (for jury only - password required)  


Director: Shawn Welling

Production company: Welling Films


Run time: 120 mins

Genre: Science Fiction



Strange Bird is a psychological thriller about a girl who can't fall asleep but doesn't want to wake up. The film tells a story in the life of a young teenager from a broken Midwestern family who can not sleep. She believes a band of ragtag outlaws, who kills their victims in their dreams, will chase her down to her demise. The young teen visits a neurologist in hopes that he can cure the unstoppable seizures that she is plagued with day by day and monsters that haunt her at night. Strange Bird features Preslee Bishop as the lead as well as returning Welling Films actors Nick Nicholson Jen Barbieto Brandon Itz plus a full line up of great cast and crew.

^ "Strange Bird" poster



(3) Kreep ( short / film and video art / 5min)*


Full Film:


Director: Shawn Welling

Production company: Welling Films


Run time: 5 mins

Genre: Music video

This AXI, shot in a Music Video style, follows a couple who must navigate the exhilarations and humiliations of intimacy, commitment and other things they were hoping to avoid.


(4) A Vision of Love (short / christian / 8 min) *




Director: Shawn Welling & Michelle Simmons

Production company: Welling Films


Run time: 8 mins

Genre: Family

^ "A Vision Of Love" Poster


(5) The Last Ride ( short / country western video / 6min)


(for jury only - password required)


Director: Shawn Welling

Run time: 7 mins


The Last Ride is a short backed with original country music, featuring a man and his dog. A man hits a lost dog with his rusty old truck. The man nurses the dog back to health, and the two spend the rest of their lives becoming best friends. The Last Ride features Don Miller as the writer and producer of this film.


Production company: Welling Films 

Production company: Welling Films / The Miller Family

Genre: Music video, drama



^ "The Last Ride" poster


(6) Kiss Cook Bang Bang (short / experimental / 10Min)


Director: Shawn Welling

Run time: 7 mins




When a chef cheats on his wife, he'll get a taste of a woman's scorn.

^"Kiss Cook Bang Bangt" poster


(7) The Last Astronaut (script only / science fiction)


(Submission for script only and in production for 2017)


Story: Shawn Welling

Screenwriter: Miriam Esther Goldman, Shawn Welling & Nathan Goldman

Production company: Welling Films

Genre: Drama, science fiction


Length: 15 pages


The Last Astronaut is an original short script by Miriam Esther Goldman and Shawn Welling, telling the journey of a stranded alien on an inhospitable planet - Earth. An alien astronaut crash lands on planet Earth where an evolved species dominate. The search for intelligent life begins or Earth will be destroyed. The Last Astronaut is in pre-production.

^"The Last Astronaut" poster



(8) "film trailer" submissions for 2017.


8.a) If I Could Bark (film trailer)


8.b) Strange Bird (film trailer)


8.c) Love for All Seasons (film trailer)



In addition to screening, these movies are submitted for consideration in several award categories in festival judging. We hope to see you all at WorldFest this year:)


Stay tuned for more Welling Films news and information from

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