Pilot: The Danger of Not Doing Anything

July 22, 2016



(Shooting "Adamo": featuring Kim Walsh, premiere ballerina of the Houston Ballet)


Aside from occasional comments, behind-the-scenes looks, and project updates, the main purpose of this blog is to tell all of you that my most successful moments in life came from nothing. Not a tremendous budget, not a cluster of famous actors or dancers... Just a simple idea. It's a pattern - many happy, successful people will tell you a similar story. 


My Philosophy


Keep in mind, my first and most important bit of advice is don't listen to everything I have to say. Take from it what works for you. I believe that anyone who claims to have "the truth" is in the category of "crazy", and I profess not to be a loon.


But if I had to give any kind of advice, it would be this: Don't just wait for the "big break" and expect something to happen with one project. Take risks. Don't wait to write the perfect script, land an expensive budget, or cast award-winning actors. Your time will come. Continue to tell stories as often as possible. This way, you'll get better at your craft, whatever that may be. And I'm not just talking to you script-writers and artists out there - your passions will speak for themselves. By just purely putting the right things together, magic will happen sooner or later. Just roll the dice... over and over again.


The Beauty in Imperfection


So you have one, or two, or five projects that aren't quite studio-material... that is okay. Sometimes, you have to accept that not all projects will be made perfectly. Not all projects will have that magic spark that most success stories require. More often than not, it will just be a learning lesson. However, if you stay consistent and humble, and everything is done according to plan - designing the projects, executing them, posting your videos, putting titles, creating good artwork - something is guaranteed to happen.


The Success of Failure


When you let yourself go on your projects and you don't think it through, it can bring forth some of the best moments in film. As expected, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  You might think your work is a failure, but in other viewers' eyes, it might be the most beautiful piece of work you've ever done. 


For example, a film like Project Aether was reviewed as "too cerebral" and "didn't make sense", but I found that a different type of audience enjoyed those parts of the film that required thinking. Some people want to think, and some people want to be entertained. 


In the end, don't give up. What could have been may never happen. The worst thing you can do is not do anything. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is fail.


And also... don't listen to everything I have to say.


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