The Messenger: 360 Days of bolivar


Film: The Messenger: 360 Days of Bolivar

Director: Shawn Welling

Writer: Shawn Welling, Roger Scott Budge, Michael Berry
Lead: Michael Pickering

Genre: Documentary

Status: Released

A series of questions are asked by an amateur film crew to three men on a remote peninsula over a 360 day period of time. The fisherman, one of the inhabitants of the Peninsula, is Intrigued by a riddle as to the existence of a higher power. The Fisherman along with his surly comrades decides to meet and be interviewed a myriad of times. The film crew realizes the significance of the oasis they have stumbled upon and the people who inhabit this place as they delve deeper and deeper into their mystery. In the minds of the crew creep up surreal images of these displaced irascible denizens- Until the 360th day when the remote Peninsula disappears.


Best Local Feature Film from Houston Press, 2009

Best Director Gold Remi from Houston Press, 2009

Best Documentary from Boomtown FF, 2009

Best Documentary  from Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival,2009