The Blimp Trap

2016 | FAMILY

Film: The Blimp Trap

Director: Shawn Welling

Writer: Miriam Esther Goldman, Nathan Carliner Goldman, Harwood Taylor

Genre: Drama, Family
Leads: Sebastian Somoza, Isabella Blake-Thomas

Status: Released

Nine-year-old Harwood isn't like other boys in 1977 Texas. After losing his brother in a tragic car crash, his mother takes up drinking, and Harwood finds comfort in his best friend -- fellow-nine-year-old Billy, the mentally-handicapped girl from down the street. Together, they watch the famous blimp fly overhead, and craft a "blimp trap" to catch it for their very own. They're teased for their special game, and their friendship, until one day, something miraculous happens.


Best Dramatic Adaptation Platinum Remi at WorldFest International FF, 2016

Best Screenplay Gold Remi at WorldFest International FF, 2016